Janet Vince: And Now for Something Completely Different

Fort Myers 2301 1st Street , Fort Myers, Florida 33901

(239) 333-1933

Janet Vince:

And Now for Something Completely Different

Opens: Friday, March 1st • 6pm

Closes: March 29th • 5pm

General Admission: $1 entry donation

Call the box office for more info


About Janet Vince

And Now for Something Completely Different is a show that allows one to look at another, lighter side of life, through the quirky, distorted eyes of Janet Vince. Born and raised in England, her humor is more risque, so before you might be offended she apologizes.
Having followed her artist heart through many different art forms, she is thoroughly enjoying her “humorous period.” Adding “We need humor right now, there is too much drama, seriousness should be banished, nothing is serious unless you allow it to be.”
So, why not come and titter, chuckle, snigger, guffaw, chortle, smirk, and even snort your way around this show. She truly hopes you enjoy her work, as much as it brought her joy when making the pieces.

Posted by: Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center

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